Sunday, January 1

Find Coupons

Couponing is an easy way to save a lot of money.  No matter how busy your schedule may be, taking ten minutes out of your day to look for some deals can be very rewarding.  Why spend more money on items than you have to?

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The most important part of couponing is knowing where to get the deals!  One popular place for finding coupons is online, in the form of printable coupons.  Printable coupons can typically be printed twice per computer and usually expire 30 days from print.  Some of the popular printable coupon websites are as follows:

In addition to online coupons, there are many coupons that can be found in most Sunday papers.  These coupons come in inserts within the paper called Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G.  An easy way to find out what coupons will be available in an upcoming Sunday newspaper is to look here.  When it comes to purchasing a newspaper for coupons, there can be downfalls.  There are often times when you come across a couple coupons you would like; however, the cost of the newspaper itself is more than what you will save with the coupons you want.  If this is a problem for you, there is a simple solution!  There are many “clipping service” websites where you are allowed to choose which coupons you want for a very low fee and the cost of shipping.  One of these sites, that I prefer, is

Once you know where to get your coupons, the next important part is knowing how to use them.  Click here to learn how to Maximize Your Savings!

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